Tackling Your First Influencer Mailer

So, you want to do an Influencer Mailing…Everyone who is anyone in digital marketing knows that influencer marketing is a part of the territory.    Influencer marketing is a great way to encourage brand trust and get your brand in front of more people.

Here are five easy steps to tackling your first Influencer Mailer: 

Start out by deciding which influencers you want to reach out to. Narrow your focus beyond just looking for “beauty” or “wellness” influencers –– get specific!  By defining a category and keeping it tight you can make sure that your first mailer has the greatest impact and influence.  Focus your search on micro-influencers, these are the influencers that are most likely to become loyal brand advocates.  (And an added bonus, a few studies have shown that people are more likely to make purchase decisions based on the opinions of micro-influencers that they follow.)


The next step is to slide into the DM’s of the influencers on your list and let them know a little bit about your brand and that you would love to send them some goodies.  Keep is short and sweet but give them enough context to not be creepy.


Once you have your list ideate on what you will send both from within your product line and some extra goodies too.  Keep your list small enough that you can afford the time and money it will take to send something thoughtful and personal to each recipient. 


 When putting together your mailer make sure to include:

·      An about us one-pager that explains your brand.   This short explanation should focus on making an emotional connection to your brand vs. giving too much information. 

·      Include a personal handwritten post-card or note, make it feel less like you sent out a mailer to get something out of it and more like you’re excited to share your brand with someone new and cool.

·      Customize and make cute – as many parts of the mailer as possible.  The more Instagrammable your overall package is, the more likely it is to be Instagrammed ;)


Once you’ve packed out the mailer and get it to the post office don’t forget to follow up!  Keep an ongoing relationship with the people you sent your mailer to.  With such a saturated influencer market you can be sure that your influencers are probably getting targeted for other brands.  A great way to ensure brand loyalty is to keep the relationship going: engage with them on social, and check in every once in a while! 

Kennedy Roberts