How to Stay Sane During a Crazy Week at Work

When that presentation for the CEO comes across your desk on Wednesday at 4pm.  Or when the deadline for a whole round of creative gets bumped up a week.

No matter what industry you have made your career in, you are bound to have weeks at work where it feels like everything is burning to the ground – and the best you can do is keep your head above water. 

So here are six easy tips for how to stay sane (and WELL) when you are absolutely slammed at work.

1.     Keep work at work…or at least out of your bedroom.

Okay that’s easier said than done – because we’re all bound to bring work home and it is oh so tempting to crawl into bed with our laptops and burrow into our emails. 

But especially when things are crazy it is absolutely crucial that you leave space in your life and at your home to be work and stress free. 

Tons of very scientific studies have shown that once you work in bed you associate your bed with a place of thinking and stress and this ultimately effects your sleep (which is especially important when you’re stressed).

2.     Pick one thing a day you can stick to doing that is only for yourself.

Even on my best, least busy weeks I find myself forgetting to take any time to do something that is only for me I bounce form full-time job to free-lance projects to taking care of puppy and calling boyfriend.

But the best way to relieve stress is to appreciate yourself.  Here are a few suggestions for when you’re on a time crunch: Go on a walk without your phone (for like twenty minutes), take a bath, work in an easy pre-shower work out (doesn’t need to be more than 15 minutes), listen to a quick podcast, or read a chapter of your favorite book.

Giving yourself a break from the grind – and appreciating yourself for fifteen minutes will refresh you big time!

3.     Get some sunlight

20 minutes of the sunlight touching your eyes (yes, sans sunglasses) is recommended every day.  Not to mention getting outside and soaking up vitamin D can be a super great way to wake up – when you’ve had way too many cups of coffee already.  And it’s a great way to come back to your work with fresh eyes – literally.   And hey, if you really have no time take a meeting or a call outside.

4.     Get away from your screen. 

I know, I know.  Everyone says this.  But I don’t mean that you should stop working to rest your eyes (as if.)  But sometimes moving your mind and work from behind the screen to a white board, face to face conversation or even just a notebook helps you approach a project with new eyes and meet hurdles head on.

5.     Lean on your co workers.

And finally, you probably work with other people for a reason.  Even if you need to own the project on your own, it doesn’t mean you’re in it alone.  So reach out your hands and ask for some help – whether that is fresh perspective, or people to literally roll up their sleeves and help out. Just be sure to reciprocate it when they need you.

I know all of this may seem impossible right now, but trust me you will get through this – and you and your career (and hopefully your boss) will thank you for it later.



Kennedy Roberts