5 Mistakes You Might Be Making on Social

Social media lacking that “fuck yeah factor?” Social Media manager, Kennedy walks us through the top five mistakes you may be making on social and how to curate and create content that matters.


You’re warm tea

We’ve all heard the phrase (probably from our grandmothers), “Nobody likes warm tea.” And it’s true most people take their tea hot or drink it nice and cold over ice, but when they find something right in the middle it doesn’t hit the spot.  

Social media is the same.  We’ve all followed that brand that is trying too hard to appeal to everyone.   They don’t have a clearly defined vibe or point of view – and pretty soon all of their posts become muddled and boring. 

Social media is the best place to showcase your brand’s point of view and personality, so make sure you have one and make sure it’s unique.  Before you even think about creating content be clear on what your brand is saying, who you’re saying it to, and how you’re planning on saying it.   

One of the easiest and lo-fi ways to determine what your point of view will be is to ask who your brand would be at a party.   Create a mood board with personality traits, pictures, words, and ideas that would describe your brand and create from there. 

The more clearly you define who you are and what you stand for upfront the easier it will be to create high performing content later. 

You’re inconsistent

If you work on a small team it can be easy to drop social media to the bottom of the list when things get busy. But the best way to create a captive audience on social that will engage with your content and move towards purchase is to be consistent in how you engage with them. 

This doesn’t mean you have to post every day (in fact, don’t.) but what it does mean is that you should set very clear goals on how often and how you will engage with your community and then work really hard to meet them. And keep these goals attainable!  For the smallest brands I work on, we only post 1-2 times a week and we make sure that the content is kickass.  But – if your followers don’t hear from you for a month they are likely to be disinterested or confused when you do come back to them. 



You’re saying too much and not in the right place

It can be tempting to tell everything on social including what you had for dinner and when you went to the bathroom (hey, influencers do it right?).  But the truth is with the time the average user is spending on social media staying stable and the amount of competition on social is skyrocketing. So the time you have to connect with your audience dwindles every day. 

In fact, on most occasions, you have two seconds to capture the attention of your audience.  

Seem short? It is.  So you can’t jump out at them with how your nutrients are more bioavailable because the turmeric is activated by black pepper.  Well, you could – but you’re going to have to be creative about it. 

Be strategic about what message you send a where and remember that social is a teaser for all the information that you’re sharing on your website and other platforms. 

If you have a lot you absolutely have to say – keep it out of your IG caption.  Build a story highlight or add an FAQ page, even try going live on IG and doing a Q and A – but don’t dump info on your follower’s chances are you’ve already lost their attention. 

Your Strategy Emphasizes In-Feed Posts Too Heavily

As Instagram and other social platforms create more and more products and features on their platforms the time that users are spending in the feed is dwindling.  

Be sure to create a strategy that encompasses the new and unique ways that users are interacting with Instagram.  

That way you’re more likely to meet your consumer right where they are at, instead of competing for sparse space within the feed. 

You’re taking it way too seriously

Mark Zuckerburg didn’t create Facebook so you could market your brand.  

No seriously – he didn’t sit around in his college dorm room and dream up a platform where you could preach about your key points of differentiation –– he made Facebook as a platform to connect, real human people, with other, real human people.     

With the new Instagram and Facebook algorithm’s prioritizing user’s friends and family you need to get into their inner circle.  

Your content doesn’t always have to be perfectly curated within your visual guidelines.  Actually, it’s probably better if you throw a meme in there or a funny video or a super cool piece of User Generated Content.  (Take SunBum as a prime example).  The more opportunities you give yourself to entertain your consumer and give them a reason to say, “wow they just get me” the higher your engagement will be – and the better your social will be.