7 Questions to Ask Before Signing with an Agency

There are a ton of agencies out there.  And sometimes it can feel totally impossible to figure out which one is the right one for you and your business.  And while we probably can’t tell you which agency is the exact one for you.  But we can share with you the questions we would ask up front to get to the bottom of it. 

Question 1: Who is managing my account and executing the work?  

Ok so, agencies can run in a few different ways: 

They can work as project managers finding and directing freelancers to create and execute on work for you. 

They can act as a media agency working closely with a creative agency.  Or a creative agency working closely with a media agency. 

Or maybe they function entirely in house. 

Okay - they can run in a ton of different ways.  So you get it, this is an important question to ask to determine what the right fit is for you and this life stage of your brand.  The small scrappy agency that is project managing - or the agency where you have a few people wearing a ton of hats might fit your budget and work just fine for now. 

Or maybe you’re growing quickly and you need experts who can focus just on your media buy, and a creative agency to focus short-term on assets. 

Whatever it is - this question will at the very least help you figure it out.  

Question 2: How do we stack up in terms of agency spend compared to your other clients?  

This question can be helpful in a few different ways.  But I like to ask it to see where my project falls in priority with their other clients.  If I’m spending the least of all their clients I might follow up with some questions about how they prioritize projects. 

Question 3: How do you manage client communication and collaboration?  

THIS. IS. SO. IMPORTANT.  Think of partnering with an agency as adding new members to your team.  You want people who collaborate and communicate in ways that make sense for your brand and company culture. 

If your team is heavy on collaboration and your agency prefers to be given a brief and run with it, it probably isn’t the right partnership on either end. 

Question 4: Which key performance indicators does your team typically focus on for client work and how will you report our progress month-over-month?  

You’re spending your time and money for a reason.  Make sure that your measure of success stacks up with how your agency is measuring success.  Listen carefully to your potential agency’s answers and join in the conversation to help them guide their focus to what matters to you. 

Question 6: What will the first 90 days of work entail? 

Just like with any on boarding you want to understand where you’re going and how fast you’ll get there.  So don’t forget to ask for the roadmap. 

Question 7: How often can I expect to communicate with you?  

Ok, to be honest we’ve all worked with a partner who was a little bit too communicative.  You know those weekly phone calls that you dread and feel like you’re getting nothing out of it?  But on the other side of the coin there is that partner who you never hear from and wonder if they’re even doing anything. 

So make sure you’re finding the happy medium for you.  

Ok - so those are the big ones.  But if you’re thinking about working with us we’re open to all questions… even unconventional ones like…what’s your favorite meme? ;) 

Kennedy Roberts