Rebel Righthand: Female Owned Business’s To Support in AZ


Author: Izzy Sapien 

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The Place to Munch and Brunch 

Munch and Brunch

Not only do I love supporting female-owned brands but I especially love rooting for fellow Sun Devils. Alexandra Maw, founder of Kaleidoscope Juice, is a girl boss in every sense of the word. Her brand is leaving the word granola on the products ingredient lists because her customers are nothing short of posh. The space is intimate and raw with a touch of glam and the juices are delicious. 

*Bonus* The Flagship shares a space with the Spiritual Gangster store so it’s a wellness lover's one-stop shop. 

Things We Love: 
Get Toasted on that Avo Toast- The microgreens are a delicious touch. This is an amazing pre-workout snack or post-work treat
A Princess and her Dragon- The Dragon Slayer pitaya smoothie is an IG dream with the substance to match.
Santa Maria Sammy- Jalapeno chutney + Brie + Avo and Turkey = an orgasmic combination. This sandwich is the main thing making it hard to stay veg. 
Strawberry Warrior- A very real meal supplement with an addicting combination of flavors. 


Citrine Natural Beauty Bar

Best (Product, service, and hangout) in Beauty


Best (Product, service, and hangout) in Beauty

Melissa, founder of Citrine, curated a clean beauty space that caters to just about any generation. Totally trendy products for millennial searching for that IG-worthy vanity all the way to practical and effective anti-aging brands to be mixed and matched with the help of licensed professionals. You can stop in and get a complimentary mini facial or makeup touch-up or browse the best in well beauty. Melissa has been a client, friend, and mentor for many years but what I respect most is her commitment to brands only she herself uses and the way her staff really love and respect her. Insider Knowledge: I worked there for many years and I know how picky she is about store cleanliness. Her OCD is a Nightmare for employees (lol love you Mel), a godsend for clients. You can be sure that products are highly sterile and products are turned over really quickly. 

Things We Love: 

Batting Lashes are a must-have. I've been wearing these weekly for over two years and they last a lot of uses and are really high quality. My only gripe is that I wish they weren’t silk. 

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud- Jacki and I both use this for literally everything. If you're in the mood for some seriously indulgent self-care, this pudding mask is ESSENTIAL. I’ve owned a lot of expensive beauty products and one thing I respect about May is that her price-point is a great reflection of the product quality. I have never purchased a product and felt slighted. The Honey Mud has a lovely chocolate aroma and features a gambit of anti-inflammatory essential oils inside raw honey, cocoa, and clays for a silky every-skin type enhancing mask.

Patyka Lotus and Cotton Moisturizer- My skin is just super high-matinence. This moisturizer is the one I always come back to because it really offers support for red, acne-prone, or irritable skin. *Keep In Mind My Agency represents this brand. However, I was a Patyka user long before we ever represented the brand. 

Tata Harper Be True- I have had a fair amount of Juvederm injected into my lips and I probably will continue to do this because I feel it really balances out my other features. However, my only gripe is that it makes my lips SUPER dry. Keep in mind, lip injection though made from a naturally occurring molecule, are preserved with parabens which have been linked to cancer and can cause things like dryness and irritation. Tata Harper Be True lip plumper and hydrator is THE ONLY thing that works. My lips have always been desert-dry but now they are like a tortoiseshell. This shit is the bee's knees. I am finally done searching for the perfect product.

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Let them eat cake...


Let them eat cake
I have know Allison as an acquaintance for a while and she's one of the most worthy and unique female entrepreneurs in the valley. She has a totally humble demeanor with a resume of achievement. Tory Burch Fellow, Shark-Tank Viewer Favorite, and local celeb- her tea art is no joke. Her shop is the newest picturesque spot in the valley.

What we love:
Wow your guests with this super easy champagne add-in! Just drop in and let it fizzle! These sugar cubes are ultra-luxe with flavors ranging from soft to delicious. You can add them to tea as well but there no reason not to be on that everyday champagne campaign!

AVAILABLE ONLINE: No reason our babies from around the world can’t enjoy these perfect pop-ins. Rose Petal Sugar Stick Strawberry Sugar stick are our top choices for Spring. 

Vida Moulin

Thoughtful Threads


Chantel is all over this town. Literally, one of the busiest women I have ever met and she has her hand in all sorts of worthy causes and campaigns across the valley. She's a pleasure to work with and her store is a really eclectic mix of wearable and indie fashion from a collective of up and coming and trendy brands. Her shop has some totally hipster-worthy purchase pieces like mini-succulents and colored coconut butter for jumping on that mermaid toast trend. 

What we love:

Chantels store has some amazing IG famous brands like Vanessa Mooney and Scotch and Soda and some of my favorite boho brand faithful, Line and Dot, and Flynn Skye. For summer- her swim collective in the bomb.

framed ewe 3.jpg

Framed Ewe

Swaggy Eyecandy


Swaggy Eyecandy
I rarely get to talk about my eyewear addiction since I always go bare on IG or out in public but I am an indie sunglass addict. Christy Kimball, owner of Framed Ewe, has curated the most exclusive and celeb-worthy collections of up and coming designer frames. Framed Ewe is the place to shop for eyewear if you are looking for the new and now. You can shop a pair of glasses and literally see Katy Perry wearing the same ones on Fashion Police a week later. Christy is so ahead of the trend. Framed Ewe also opened at Fred Segal LA recently. 

What we love:

Dita Eyewear for the high-fashion dollar-dropped, Retrosuperfuture for the indie-loving price shopper. 


Energetic Aesthetics

The Perfect Pout


 The Perfect Pout
Sarah Vogt is a perfectionist worthy of the title Injectable expert. Recently rebranded, thanks to our team, to Energetic Aesthetics. Sarah prides herself on choosing her clients, not the other way around. Her commitment to perfect work and clients with natural-looking enhancements makes her our pick for any and all facial rejuvenation and enhancement. 

What we love:

Dysport with Sarah for a super-natural and not-at-all frozen forehead. I love that Sarah actually gets the word natural in its real definition. NOT the Scottsdale meaning of the word. Her lip injections are totally real and her eye is unparalleled. 
(Checkout this dope logo we created for Sarah)


Local Juicery

Get Juiced in Sedona, AZ


Sedona Juice
I met summer so many years ago at an industry event in LA. She was just months post-baby and in the process of dreaming up her then unopened juice bar in the heart of good-time, good-vibe Sedona, AZ. Summer’s brand has an empowering back-story and we love her commitment to family, self-care, and wellness. There's a million reason to take a trip up to Sedona but this tops our list. 

What we love:

Jump on that juice cleanse the right way. The packaging in TDF. Easy ordering online makes picking up your cleanse a truly simple experience. 



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