Badass Babe: Stephanie Neiheisel

We are all about girls supporting girls (obviously).  So we're starting a series where we sit down with bad ass babes leading in their industry and find out about what makes them tick, and how they do what they do. 
This week we sat down with Stephanie Neiheisel of @snmakeupartist to learn more about where she started and where she's going.  Check it out below. 
RR: What past jobs have most effected how you run your business?
SN: There's no question that my 3rd Key Management/Impact Team Artist position with MAC cosmetics helped pave the way for my makeup career. It was a lot of hard work, a lot of hours, and there was a lot expected of us whether it was hitting numbers, booking events, leading as an example, or even what we looked like. We needed to be MAC'd out! I learned so much discipline, responsibility, and I was proud of my work because I saw my artistry skills and my customer service skills strengthen. 

RR: Name a time where something in a past job that made you realize it was time to move on? 

SN:  Nothing really happened at my job but I literally got to the point where I had to hold back tears on my drive to work. I just could NOT do it anymore.

RR: What would the title of your auto biography?

SN: Ha! My autobiography... "Passionate, but only when I feel like it." 

RR: If money was no obstacle, what would your next move be? 

SN: If money was no option, I would love to create products that help people in 3rd world countries or when natural disasters take place. I would want to create products big and small to help families get back on their feet. I'm always going to feel passionate about skincare so who knows, maybe I'd go the hygiene route.

RR: What brands/influencers influence your style? 

SN:  @chillhouse @glossier @girlboss @maylindstrom

RR: Would you rather be liked or respected? 

SN:  Respected. It took me almost 29 years to make the mental and emotional separation in my head. Now that I'm 31, I know what I want in life and I have enough friends. 

RR: What 90's jam is your pump up song? 

SN: I'm such a sucker for all 90's music. But at this very moment I need to go with- Hey Jealousy by the Gin Blossoms

RR: What do you do when you're having a bad day? 

SN: Try to take deep breaths. Being present and navigating my emotions is something I've worked really hard at. Meditating at home, talking with family, or going to a work out class really helps me on those tougher days.

RR: What area do you feel most comfortable giving advice in? 

SN: Business, branding, working hard and staying true to yourself. I find people come to me for this kind of advice all the time and I genuinely enjoy helping others in these areas.

RR: What do you want to learn?

SN: Better ways of investing or saving my money. I'm still learning new things every day and taking control of my financial life has been one of the best gifts I've ever given myself.

RR: Advice for anyone younger interested in pursuing this line of work. 

Don't give up. Keep pushing yourself every day. Know your limits and honestly, know what you are willing to suffer for. 

RR: Favorite quote from a fellow girl boss? 

 I want to keep her anonymous but a girl I've met a handful of times lost someone very close to her earlier this year. She was a go-getter, a planner, a "girl boss" if you will... and this tragedy really put all of her "goals" and "to-do" lists into perspective... Her past goals are almost laughable now. As she has restructured her path she said, "I'm ok with not being Super Woman." It hit me in the chest so hard. With the rise of "Girl Bosses," we as women have felt the pressure to start our own businesses, to carve a path, and sometimes, just being who we are is enough.



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