Spiritual Soaks

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In today’s culture it is all too easy to get swept up into the chaos that constantly engulfs our everyday lives. It is essential that we make time to detox our systems and indulge in a little pampering from time to time though. Self-care is at the forefront of the wellness world right now. Everyone seems to be taking the phrase “Treat Yo’self” more seriously than ever these days, and I am all for it!

Personally, I enjoy a long hot soak in the tub after a long day. My bath-time twist to soothe my body and balance all the thoughts racing through my head: crystals. Healing crystals are trending now more than ever, but the truth is that people have been utilizing these precious gems for their healing properties for centuries. One of my favorite ways to incorporate the metaphysical energy of crystals is to infuse my bath with them. I simply add whichever stone I feel resonates with me most on a given day to the bottom of my bathtub and let the healing energy wash over me while I unwind.


Crystals I Cant Live Without:

Rose Quartz is a stone of love and passion. Whether you want to promote self-love or romantic love, rose quartz is ideal for opening up the heart chakra to let love in and dispel self-doubt. Whenever I am feeling the need for some passion in my life I add a few rose quartz gems into my bath and let the law of attraction work its magic.

Sodalite is said to enhance intuition and balance emotional energies. This stone is especially good for the throat chakra, helping you logistically collect your thoughts and speak your truth. Whenever I experience an issue with communication I will add sodalite to my nighttime routine.

Jade is a wonderful stone if you are searching for peacefulness, prosperity and abundance. This protective gemstone calms the mind and body by drawing out negative energy. Whenever I am in need of nurturance and harmony, jade is my go-to stone. This stone also helps foster relationships with others, strengthening existing bonds and promoting the formation of new ones.



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