When I was in elementary school I had my first sex-ed class. The girls were separated from the boys and we learned awkwardly and prematurely about our reproductive systems. I never had another educational experience surrounding the topic again. I was left with fear of getting my period, getting pregnant, and gaining an STD. Personally, I don’t think this is the most productive conversation about sexual education to have with 11 and 12 year olds. Especially because despite the importance of all the information provided, we were left with no pride or excitement about growing into our sexuality.

As women, we start puberty between ages 8 and 13, and it doesn’t slow down from there. When I started to feel those “special” feels, I was confused and I was a little ashamed. I didn’t have anyone who I could talk to about the pleasure I could provide for myself. And I didn’t find anyone to talk to about it until I was in college. Okay, so SEVEN years before I felt like it was OK to click the mouse. This should not be the case. I missed out on so many wonderful moments! Not to mention the hell I went through with trying to find pleasure through sexual interactions with men.

Think about it. If we were given the permission as a young child to pleasure ourselves when we felt like we needed a little release, don’t you feel like other sexual complications could maybe not have been an issue? If I knew about vibrators and dildos when I was in my teens, I may not have felt the urgency to start having sex. I wouldn’t feel like I was missing something. And when I was ready to have sex, I would have been way more familiar with my own body and its clever corners. Masturbating has increased my physical joy incredibly when it comes to sex. I know my body and I know what makes it feel good. Masturbating makes me feel sexy and relaxed and proud. So, let’s drop the stigma and touch ourselves!

Stay Sexy,