4 ways to Maximize Your MailChimp Efforts in 4 minutes or less

Relishing in the oppurtunity to talk about one of our specialities. Lst segmentation and lead generation funnels are the bread and butter of the RR team! Why? BECAUSE THEY WORK. Here are a few unique hacks you can DIY for getting the most out of your list.


If you are a retailer or wholesale, understanding the value of remarketing is essential for success. Getting new customers is amazing but increasing the lifetime value of a good customer is less expensive and much more reliable in terms of creating baseline recurring revenue. In MailChimp, there are a variety of triggers for remarketing that are really useful. Firstly, you can send campaigns to a segment based on what they have purchased in the past. This is great news for you not only because often- skincare is sold in a full regimen, but typically there are clear connections between products consumers like and new or existing items they are also likely to purchase.

2.ReSEND campaigns to users who didn’t open

This takes about 3 seconds and has the potential to make a real difference in revenue. If open rates are low, chances are your subject line may not have “wow-ed” your community. You can easily replicate a campaign and send to the list with the segmentation conditions of open activity of the previous campaign. Change the subject line, maybe even get a little personal with it and your results can bring in some dollars and give you valuable marketing insight on your consumers. 


Remarketing isn’t a piece of marketing. It’s the entire end game.
— Izzy, Founder of Ritual Rebellion

3.Rewards and Loyalty & Layering Conditions

Now we are getting into more advanced targeting techniques but MailChimp has truly made this as easy as it can be. When segmenting, you can add additional specific triggers as a list. So instead of just segmenting out Subscribers who purchased, you can add in the condition of how much they purchased, how many times, or what date. OR A NUMBER OF COMBINATIONS. Want to thank those who purchased during your promo? Or Send an update about rewards points post promo? No problem!

One of my favorite things to do with multi-condition segmenting is customer loyalty. By creating a static segment in your list from the list management page, you can also create what are called "post triggers" in your automation dashboard to move users to certain identifying segments within the main list.

Heres an example of what I mean: I am a brand who wants to offer a loyalty promotion to users who spend $1000 or more this quarter, all I have to do is set my automation segment condition to subscribers who purchased in X time frame who ALSO spent $1000 or more. I can set up workflows (funnels) or send a Thank You or offer them a Gift with Purchase with their next purchase. It is great for continuing to build repoire with good customers but also allows you the chance to show them their value as a customer. 

This is super valuable for brands who have subscription-based products as well. You can target the number of times they a subscriber has purchased and send them an email inviting them to join or reminding them of the subscription-based option and how it will save them based on their history.

You can also set up post-action triggers to move users to groups so they can be placed in a static section of your main list once they reach certain condition. Ex. A VIP Segment

xx Izzy