LAUNCH PARTY: Launching Products in Social 101

You’ve put in all the work.  Spent hours developing and re-developing the formula.   Worked your ass off on the packaging.  And spent a ton of meticulous time getting your website updated.

But now what?  How do you tell people about it?  Social is a great place to leverage your current fan base and get them onboard with a new product.   But putting all of your eggs in one basket (or all of your creative energy) behind one post probably isn’t the best move. 

Keep reading to hear our four most important tips on launching a product in social.

Give yourself a long lead time to plan your launch.  

A successful launch in social is created to organically reach the largest amount of your social followers.  In order to do this, you will want to tell the story of your new product for at least a week to give your followers as much time as possible to join the story and build excitement.

By creating a series of posts all connected by a common theme you provide your audience with a ton of time to join in the excitement – ensuring that you will have a captive audience on launch day.

Create a series of posts that are connected by an ongoing story, visual style and hashtag and a hashtag.

Whenever you are posting an overarching story throughout social you want to be sure that your audience is able to follow the story no matter when they join in.   Each post should feel cohesive and tell the same story alone that it does in a line-up of other posts.  A great way to carry this through while creating new and exciting content is to develop a campaign visual style and a campaign hashtag.

Let’s say you’re launching your new moisturizer with Sunscreen and you want to tell a story about needing sunscreen on a daily basis -  no matter what you’re doing. And you want to tell the story by deconstructing what is in different women’s day bags.  

Think of a hashtag that connects all of these bags and a creative style – whether that is shot from above on a colorful background or shot in a messy pile on a table- consistency through the launch will be key.

 Make your Launch post creative original & put a lil $$$ behind it.

 Make sure that the visuals you choose for the actual launch date will be very recognizable as something different and exciting.   Anything that slightly breaks from the norm or you know will catch people’s eyes.

It’s also advantageous to put a few dollars behind your Instagram post.   Nothing crazy – but promoting your post on Instagram will allow you to reach more people with your exciting question.

Follow up your launch post with lots of supporting collateral.

Once you’ve officially launched the product make sure you follow up consistently in the coming weeks with supporting collateral that is just as exciting as that first launch post.  While you’ll already know about it, and it might feel like old news – to a lot of your followers it will be just as new as the first day.

 Give your followers a chance to try it.

And finally give your followers a chance to try it.  A healthy giveaway where followers have to tag their friends will also be sure you get your users excited and increase your reach

At the end of the day, launching a new product is about reaching as many people with the message to get behind your new product and give it a try!  All the creative ways that you can accomplish that mission will help with your launch and your business.

Ready to get started but need some help?  Reach out to us at RR and we can get you started!

Kennedy Roberts