The Real* Way to Jade Roll

This may come as a shock but the way I began beauty copywriting was blogging for a beauty retailers blog while I was going to business school and aesthetics school part Time. 

I was dead set that I was going to work in beauty branding one day and convinced myself it was worth the money- dreams do come true!

I had never actually tried facial rolling until I was introduced by Melissa at Citrine Beauty Bar to the SkinGym line. However, I was no stranger to the benefits of lymphatic drainage and facial massage and can see how this type of beauty devices a really cost-effective and luxurious way of increasing the benefits of a good skin regimen. The brand itself retails a number of beauty tools featuring facial rollers in a variety of stones for different vibrational and skincare benefits. 

Why Roll?

Facial rolling isn’t just an Instagram trend. It has the ability to detox the skin by draining fluid, increase circulation for a more plump and healthy appearance, calm inflammation, and stimulate collagen production. In beauty marketing these claims are made a lot but lymphatic drainages actually a very complex form of detox that has been used for medicinal purposes for generations.

How it works:

The efficiency of your lymph, a prime toxin eliminating system, depends on the health of the circulatory system. Impaired or slow lymph movement can result in a variety of undesirable skin conditions such as puffiness, dullness, and even acne. What makes facial rolling so amazing is that it’s a safe way to stimulate lymphatic drainage without the need for a skin professional. Traditional lymphatic drainage relies on knowledge of the lymph system and should be performed by a trained skin or medical professional.

How to Roll the Right Way:



One of my dear friends and a terrific aesthetician, Crystal, who also works at Citrine said something about rolling that really made sense. These beauty tools are like anything in beauty,

“if you use them consistently, you’ll see great results!”

I have been rolling for about 14 days and I could not be happier with the overall look and texture of my skin. To be honest, as a skin professional I am embarrassed about the lack of physical attention my skin receives. I use a great regimen but found a personal skin massage a really awkward and time-consuming addition. *Enter* the Rose Quartz roller. I first picked it up after owning it a couple months because I was trying to delay intervals between receiving Dysport treatments. I am fully aware of the possible toxins in fillers so am trying to be as conservative as possible. 

I popped the roller into the fridge and following my double cleanse, serum, and moisturizer. I rolled both my eye gel and skin oil for about 5 minutes. 

I used the method above carefully following the lymphatic systems normal drainage paths. I think a lot of people think just rolling is enough but for maximum benefits, it is important to work “up and out.”

Overall I saw the most benefits on the lower chin and cheek area, where I typically get cystic acne and the under eye area which appears a lot brighter and less puffy. 



Stellar facial rolling pairs



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