Why Drip? ECRM your business can afford.

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In the wake of the Mailchimp x Shopify- some would call "breakup"- we have been faced with an opportunity for change. As a long time Mailchimp agency, we would have loved to side with everyone's favorite user-friendly monkey-faced platform. However, when faced with drastic and imminent changes, as an agency we are forced to take a deep dive into what changes to make to best benefit both;  our team as a scalable- outside agency, and more importantly- our clients and their growing business needs. 

Mailchimp is an e-mail and automation marketing platform, it does not advertise itself as CRM or any other type of channel. Though few supplemental channels made it through beta- the rudimentary ads dashboard was never on our "pro" list in terms of ease of use or client usability- so this change comes at a very critical juncture for small business marketers and agencies.

50% of our business is affected by apps that require what are called "Native Integrations" created by apps and platforms to communicate seamlessly and share critical data. As Shopify is quickly becoming the fastest used e-commerce platform for its ease of use and customization as well as it's native integration with a hundred other well-used apps, “native integrations” are essential for smooth business operations and easy agency/in-house partnerships-especially for internal teams with no staffed-coder. 

It’s not just that Drip allows for more marketing possibility, it allows for BETTER marketing which is what consumers are voicing more and more. 

Important Integrations you might be using that Integrate with Drip:



Facebook Ads

Facebook Custom Audiences

Recharge Recurring




Authorized.net, Paypal, and stripe

Along with hundreds of additional connect-driven integrations through apps like Zapier.


As marketers supporting mostly small businesses, we did our due diligence on learning workarounds and short cuts to create more advanced segmentation and funnels within MailChimp and it's limited natural capabilities, often taking more time and costing Agency side to eliminate the costs of advanced CRM on the brand side. Drip utilizes a similar pricing structure making it a cost-effective alternative to advanced CRM / email combination platforms like Hubspot. They call it ECRM.


Workflows are the specialty of Drip, meaning you can seamlessly view customer journeys from acquisition to automation to re-marketing to integrate much more advanced segmentation, exit, and entry points, as well as hyper-targeted messaging. Instead of blasting ads to all website visitors, hyper-target content to abandoned cart users and exit them from a workflow once they place an order OR keep them out of the journey all together if they have recently purchased. It's not just that Drip allows for more marketing possibility, it allows for BETTER marketing which is what consumers are voicing more and more. 


As marketers we are always searching for lean, intuitive technology to keep a "customer-first" perspective. Entering and exiting customers from workflows through live tagging and viewing individual customer journeys down to important interactions like content viewpoints, is REAL data with an affordable price tag. Plus, for those of you not yet proficient in ads manager, Shopify backend, Google Analytics and MailChimp dashboard- you can view all data in one place. 

FAQ: Is drip right for me?

In addition to this helpful blog post on the differences- you need to ask yourself how much automation workflow plays a role in the current revenue stream for your business. If your business functions on repurchases, re-marketing, and customer lifetime value (like cross-selling, etc) then we recommend moving forward with Drip. If your primary focus is selling a single item or nurturing just the initial sale, you may be safe just using a supplemental integration app for the time being. 

Pleas keep in mind- these apps have not been vetted by our team and we usually recommend against non-native integrations with the exception of custom websites.